Anook Cléonne

Art Salon Tour, Berlin|Werder (Havel), Germany

This Art Fair, Amsterdam, Netherlands

TED Speech, TEDxArnhem, Arnhem, Netherlands

Art The Hague, Galerie Carla Koch, Den Haag, Netherlands

Showroom Pine Wood Fine Art, Werder|Havel, Germany

BERLINER LISTE, Berlin Art Week, Pine Wood Fine Art, Berlin, Germany

KÖLNER LISTE, Cologne, Germany

Het Blauwe Uur, Loods6, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Het Blauwe Uur, Notre Dame des Arts, Ubbergen, Netherlands

Kunst op de Koffie, Spijkerkwartier, Arnhem

Taxonomy of Trust, Boterhal, Hoorn, netherlands

Root Causes, Caylus, France

ZomerExpo Chosen Anonymously, Haags Gemeente Museum, Den Haag, Netherlands

About Trust, Caylus, France

Vertrouwen Verbeeld, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Maria Verbeeld, Arnhem, Netherlands

Hortus Conclusus, Rosendael, Netherlands

Fabulous Freaks, CBK, Arnhem, Netherlands

Solo, Galerie Petra Spuijbroek, Haarlem, Netherlands

Solo, Galerie Petra Spuijbroek, Haarlem, Netherlands

Group exposition, De Krabbedans, Eindhoven, Netherlands

Group exposition, Ramfoundation, Rotterdam, Netherlands

Souvenier, Museum van Loon, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Souvenier, Gallery Ra, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Endless landscapes, Slot Zeist, Zeist, Netherlands

Testing Testing II, Space for artists, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Eeuwig Lichaam, Utrecht / Rome, Italy

Testing I, Rome, Italy

Rietveld at large, Amsterda, Netherlands

The best of …, Copenhagen, Denmark

All, Antwerpen, Belgium

Eeuwig Lichaam, Utrecht / Rome, Italy

Group exposition, Cacao Fabriek, Helmond, Netherlands

Give us daily our…’ , Achmea, Noordwijk, Netherlands

The garden at close, CBK, Dordrecht, Netherlands

Eeuwig Lichaam, Utrecht|Rome, Netherlands|Italy

Mental Traces, Kala Khoj, India

Delfts Blauw, Gemeentemuseum, Den Haag, Netherlands

Metamorfoses, Ceramic Biënnale, Kapfenberg, Austria

Solo, Galerie de Witte Voet, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Solo, PRC Bouwcentrum, Bodegraven, Netherlands

Group exposition, Keranova, Arnhem, netherlands

Group exposition, Ceramic Millenium, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Anook Cléonne, born 1972, lives and works in Arnhem, Netherlands.

»The way we look at nature is much more about how we see ourselves rather than about us creating an image of nature itself. Nature is not aware of itself as nature.

Our image of nature primarily expresses how we relate to nature. It reflects back our self-image, as it were. How we see ourselves and how we relate to the world around us, also determines in large part how we perceive nature in that context.

How I work

The romantic ‘German’ notion of nature is not only a major theme in my work, I also base my work on designed landscapes. I use elements from nature and landscapes as metaphors to interpret our place in the world and our relationship to it.

As an artist, I love immersing myself in situations created by people who are driven to collaborate by a shared sense of necessity or concern. In the context of my artistic focus I observe these organizations and businesses as micro-social landscapes. Replete with their own conventions, written and unwritten rules.

In my drawings and sculptures, I investigate the experiences I encounter in these organizational landscapes. I explore the junctions, the back roads, the view and the quicksand from the point of view of the traveller, the tinker, the wanderer, the botanist, archaeologist and the gardener.«

Anook Cléonne


1996 Graduated with Honors  at the Gerrit Rietveld Academie, Amsterdam

1999|2000 Rijksakademie voor Beeldende Kunsten, Amsterdam

2010|2011 KIS (art-innovation-strategy) Cultuur en Ondernemen, Amsterdam

2013|2015 Philosophy and  Rhetoric courses

Lectureships, Consultant and Training

1996 Organisation, coordination and curating expositions and art concepts

2005 Gerrit Rietveld Academie, lecturer autonomous

2006 Artez Arnhem, lecturer drawing grammar precourse, tutor Upgraders design and drawing, concept and view development

2008 Preferred supplier Art Partner, Amstelveen

2012 Trainer HR coöperation “Het Nieuwe Leren”, innovation lessons creative storytelling & brain storm techniques

2012 Windesheim, Zwolle, guest teacher honors program social innovation

2013 – 2015 Member of advisory commission province Gelderland portfolio Food Valley

2013 Guest trainer &Samhoud creative interventions within personal development courses

Work in public Collections

Museum Boymans – van Beuningen, Rotterdam

Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam

Baltimore Museum of Art, Baltimore, USA

Shell, Den Haag

Koninklijke Nederlandse Marine, Den Helder

Ahold collectie, Zaandam

PRC Bouwcentrum, Bodegraven

Zilveren Kruis/Achmea, Noordwijk

PriceWaterhouseCoopers, Amsterdam

national and international private collections


2005 Project scholarship Van Bijlevelt Fonds

2002 Scholarship Fonds voor Beeldende Kunst en Bouwkunst

2002 Travel scholarship Pauwhof Fonds

2002 Travel scholarship Van Bijlevelt Fonds

1996 Berlage stipend graduation project

1996 Startstipend Fonds voor Beeldende Kunst en Bouwkunst

1996 Erasmus scholarship


2002 Ceramic Biënnale Austria, 1st prize autonomous sculpture

2001 Matzer prize


1998 NPS-Culture Prize

Artist in Residence

2015 Vale Valados, Reliquas, Portugal

2012 DRAWinternational, Caylus, France

2010 DRAWinternational, Caylus, France

2005 NIR, Rome, Italy

2004 NIR, Rome, Italy

2004 Grafisch Atelier Daglicht/Beeldenstorm, Eindhoven

2003 NIR, Rome, Italy

2001 Kala Khoj, Pondycherry, India

1999 Skoki, Poland

Public Assignments

2014 Royal Bierens Gearings, Tilburg

2011 Provincial States, Gelderland

2011 Tychon, Otterlo

2008 Buurtbanken, Arnhem

2008 MN Services, Rijswijk

2007 De Stromen, Opmaat Groep, Rotterdam

2006 Head Office Royal Dutch Marine, Den Helder

2005 Park Transwijk, Utrecht

2004 Joke Smitplein, Utrecht

2002 Park head office Zilveren Kruis/Achmea Insurance, Noordwijk

2001 Noordik School, Vroomshoop